Welcome to my safe space

Life is full of challenges...

Many of them leave physical and/or emotional marks as we live through them. Some go deep and leave our body or our heart wounded. Yet, some have been accepted and are considered normal. 

What happens to our body after hours of sitting in front of a computer? What about days of stress due to an approaching deadline? And what about emotions that have been swallowed back down because we think it would be inappropriate to show them?

The result is that we feel stuck. Our body can’t move freely anymore. We feel tension in our muscles or even pain, we have headaches. We feel low because our energy can’t flow.

That is where Alchemy of TouchTM – transformational bodywork – fully shows its effects.

So what exactly do I do?

I use a combination of techniques like myofascial-chi release, deep tissue massage and polarity energy work. This leads to a relaxation of the fascia, connective tissue that we find all over the body, as well as the muscles, tendons and joints. Thanks to pressure-, stretching- and wavelike movements, those body parts that are often stuck together are freed. This creates a wonderful feeling of freedom and relaxation. Furthermore, life energy can flow freely again!

After a session, you will feel deeply relaxed, centered and reenergized, like after a short vacation. And you will be grateful for having taken this time for yourself.
Sessions usually last 1 hour and 30 minutes.

You know what is best for you…

Here are the treatments you can choose from:

  • Signature Alchemy of TouchTM (according to your needs and intuitive)
  • Back tension release
  • Full body relaxation
  • Belly massage
  • Handpan sound healing
  • Coming soon: pregnancy massage (lying on the side)

Here are my rates:

  • 1h30 for 170.-
  • 1h for 120.-
  • 10.- discount offered for your first session
  • Special rates for „5-sessions packs“ 570.- (1h) / 810.- (1h30)

To book a session, get in touch with me!
I’m looking forward to supporting you on your path to relaxation and alignment.