“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.”
Galileo Galilei

Are you in discomfort?

Are you experiencing states like feeling down, distressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed, burnt out, anxious, lacking self-confidence, not stepping up for yourself or struggling in your relationships?
Maybe you feel stuck in your life and don’t know how to proceed to move forward and induce change? Maybe you are even scared of change?

This is all very common and understandable: you are not alone.
Recognising your state and searching for support is already a big step in creating a better life for yourself. So congratulations!

You might want to consider a coaching / mentoring with me.

I work with the following approach: personal responsibility!

My role:
to offer you tools, questions to think about and situational analysis so that you can increase your consciousness and then help yourself. I teach you the tools that support you best and I motivate you to use them.

Your role:
to experiment and practice with these tools so you can create new habits and opportunities. This is how desirable and sustainable changes can happen.

The tools are in the area of embodiment (connecting with yourself through the body), biopsychology (influence of the biological mechanisms in the body on the psyche) and psychology (self-knowledge through the understanding of your conditionings, patterns, boundaries and needs).

mentor mentoring coach coaching

A session usually lasts one hour and can be held online or face to face. The interval between sessions is freely selectable, but I recommend 1 to 2 weeks. The regularity strengthens the focus on the process, knowing that it takes at least 3 weeks of daily repetition to anchor a new habit.

I will stay in touch with you between two scheduled appointments to support you in the use of the tools and for acute crisis management. (I try to answer messages on the same day, as long as the effort does not go beyond the scope and does not resemble the content of an session. We can clarify the agreement when we commit to a mentoring.)

The hourly rate is 150 CHF. The 5-hour package costs CHF 675 (10% discount).

Do you feel that a collaboration could be the right thing for you? Then get in touch with me to schedule a free 30-minutes phone call.
I am looking forward to supporting you on your path to more joy and inner peace!