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Follow me, A2, the AmaRa handpan, as Damien and I go on an adventure, leaving my birthplace in Switzerland, driving through Italy, taking the ferry across the Adriatic Sea to finally arrive in the Greek paradise. Destination Hona (Hangout Naxos)!

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Damien Vielle

Hi, I’m Damien! 

Here you will discover my world – reconnect to ourselves through the body, the emotions and looking inwards…


We all know the wonderful feeling of holding someone special or being touched by a loved one. Touch is an essential element of wellbeing.

It enhances relaxation, deepens human connection and even strengthens our immune system.

As a certified Alchemy of TouchTM practitioner, I offer bodywork sessions. Click here for more information.

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The soothing harmonics and vibrations have been faithful companions since 2020. Playing my own music has been a great teacher as well, as I had to let go of expectations, be myself and create without knowing what would arise from the process.

I offer introduction lessons if you have never played before and private lessons for beginners. Furthermore I organise meditative sound journeys and group workshops
I also play at events like yoga classes, meditation practices, workshops, retreats, etc.

Curious? Discover more here.


Having someone in our life who can listen to us and understand us, has the capacity to let us access our potential through asking judicious questions and sometimes challenging us, is a priceless asset.

Do you wish to live a more sustainable and joyful life yet are not sure how to make a difference or where to start?

Do you feel stuck or are going through some life changes that leave you drained and hopeless?

Find more about my method here.

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In 2021, I experienced a special journey. With the occasional help of a coin flip, I went exploring new places and cultures for a couple of months. 

This was an inward journey as well, as I was asking myself questions about life and happiness. I am sharing some of my experiences and tools I have collected during the past few years.

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Under this category, I describe my initial idea, the process of developing my concept and finally, sharing my experience on the road.

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Here I share on different subjects in relation to living a more fulfilling life, healthy relationships and a sustainable lifestyle.