Discover the magic of the handpan

Private lessons for beginner players

Do you wish to experience playing the handpan in a one-on-one setting? Are you wondering if you would like to start playing this instrument as a new hobby? Are you already convinced, yet don’t know how to start? You’ve owned an instrument for some time but you feel stuck, like you are not making any progress?

Then you might consider taking private lessons with me!

I offer a playful and fun way to discover the instrument, advice to develop your touch and exercises to improve your hand and finger independence.
Together we find some grooves, melodies and chords that you can further explore on your own.

Instruments are provided or you can bring your own.

Rates: 1h private lesson 80.- CHF (10.- discount on the first booking)

„First touch“ and beginner workshops

Have you ever had closer contact to a Handpan?
Do you know about this magical instrument?

In the “First touch” and beginner workshops, Damien accompanies you on a journey where you learn about the history and structure of this Swiss instrument, you discover and apply touch techniques and play your first grooves, melodies and chords! We play together in a group of maximum of 5 participants.

No previous musical knowledge is necessary, just your curiosity! The handpans are provided by Echo Sound Sculpture. You will be able to play handpans in different scales and materials.
Some workshops are more specifically adapted for children.

Many workshops are planned this winter in Davos. More information here!

handpan workshop Davos

Handpan sound journey and meditation 🎵✨

This evening is for you to experience deep relaxation in a cosy and comfortable space 💫

You will be invited to dive into a stress relieving journey through a guided meditation and Damien’s harmonious handpan melodies. You are free to enjoy your time and make yourself comfy by lying down, cuddling, exchanging massages or simply sitting.

It is the perfect evening to wind down after stressful times…

Rates: 1h30 handpan sound journey and meditation 45.- CHF (early birds 35.- CHF)

Get your ticket by contacting me here or through the venue’s website – Showroom Hedi Adahmani.

handpan sound journey meditation

Do you wish to have a handpan?

Rental in Davos:

Get in touch with me if you wish to rent a handpan for a week. Usually, this is enough time for you to feel if a handpan would fit into your home.
Rates: 1 week rental, high-end, swiss-made handpan from Echo Sound Sculpture 80.- CHF

Advice before buying:
Contact me for advice or for an in-depth discussion about how to find your matching instrument!