Conscious living

On sowing the seed of conscious living: asking ourselves “why“

For most of our lives, we live on autopilot. Our subconscious programs run on and on and guide us through the day. They were integrated into our system when we were only children. Beliefs, thoughts and habits are passed on to us by our parents, caregivers, teachers, society through our childhood friends, songs, stories, advertisement, […]

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On Die Mut.

Die Mut. has many different meanings to me. I will try to explain here what they are. Mut, the German word for courage.  It describes for me the act of confronting our fears. Fears are often rooted in painful past experiences that we don’t want to live again, or the unknown future, which we think

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About myself

Die Mut. Courage. It is about stepping out of my comfort zone, looking into the mirror and challenging my beliefs.  Courage. Having the hard and honest conversations with myself and others when things need to change.  Courage. To reestablish a healthy balance between feminine and masculine.  Between people of different genders and as well as inside myself. As a

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